Count Everest (crucified) wrote,
Count Everest

A War of Roses: Rock Me Amadeus

Title: Best Finest Surgeon
Subject: John Thackery
Fandom: The Knick
Warnings/Spoilers: N/A
Description of subject: John Thackery is a brilliant, gifted, and innovative surgeon. Throughout the show, he came up with many new and innovative things to save his patient's lives. He can be arrogant and his bedside manner isn't the best at times, but he truly wants to be the best and genuinely wants to help people. However, he did struggle a lot with drug addiction (mostly cocaine, which was legal in 1900, and heroin, which was used as a 'treatment' for cocaine addiction in those days).

Surgeon - St. Vincent
Uncle Jonny - The Killers
Prescription - Mindless Self Indulgence
Ashes to Ashes - David Bowie
Make You Better - The Decemberists
Station to Station - David Bowie
The Harrowed and The Haunted - The Decemberists
Breaking Glass - David Bowie
Tags: a war of roses

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